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Sand Slurry Coatings

What is a Sand Slurry Coating?

Sand slurry coating is more commonly referred to as a seal coat with a sand additive. This coating is a combination of water, minerals, and emulsified asphalt. It is ideal for the coating of parking lots and other off-highway areas.

What are the benefits of applying a Sand Slurry Coating?

A Sand Slurry Coating can help protect your asphalt pavement from premature failure. Sand Slurry Coatings also provide a smooth, black surface that is visually pleasing.

How often should a Sand Slurry Coating be applied?

Cal Coating Asphalt, Inc. recommends a coating be applied to asphalt surface every two to four years based on the amount of wear to the surface. Our experienced sales team can assist you in determining when your coating should be applied.


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